Thursday, June 16, 2016

VIDGO: The Perfect Combination of Live TV and Video on Demand

VIDGO has been creating a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry with its amazing offers, which appear too good to be true. Recently, at Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) they were new entrants into the OTT (Over-The-Top) service for 2016. The streaming service has plans to provide its services across the country by the end of this year, in steps starting from 15 of the chosen cities. They claim to combine cable television, live television and on-demand video programming in one single service. We do know that all of this is a lot to promise.

In 2015, there was a proposal at the FCC to redefine some of the OVDs as MVPD (Multiple Video Programming). This move can be a complete game changer for the industry. The existing players know this. 

Since the service combines the existing on-demand video programs with live television and cable television, it is already being hailed as the perfect entertainment solution for everyone. No, this is not a dream. In fact, VIDGO’s CEO Robert Kostensky announced this himself. There is not much information available on the size of the digital library with VIDGO, but the Kostensky assured the consumers that their VOD content will also include the latest blockbusters.

VIDGO is set to offer local channels, national channels, sport channel, international channels, premium channel, and what not. They also claim to be the lowest cost solution to deliver the extensive content online. The online streaming service will offer three competitive packages to their subscribers. This feature will help to choose the required channels.  VIDGO also offers to stream hundreds of channels in every package. Entertainment will have a new definition with VIDGO.

VIDGO’s offers multi-device simultaneous streaming. Whether you are at home or on-go, you can simply login for entertainment, and all you need to access the content is a 4G or a Wi-Fi connection. VIDGO’s user interface is simple and friendly too. They have a ‘favorites’ menu bar, which will give you quick access to your most viewed channels. The best part is that VIDGO will work on all streaming platforms such as tablets, smart phones and smart TVs. Undoubtedly, VIDGO will offer the best comprehensive content.

VIDGO is yet to hit the US market. The initial launch has been slated for only 12 US cities within the next few months. By the end of 2016, the company hopes to spread across the entire country. By the second quarter of 2016, consumers from a few cities like New York, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and others will be able to sign up. The pricing and the channel details will soon be announced.